Get rid of ineffective writing and lackluster results

  • Take your website copy to the next level.

  • Amplify results from e-mail campaigns and e-newsletters.

  • Impress clients with crisply written articles, brochures, reports, marketing collateral and e-books.

  • Recycle dormant content into vibrant new products with a comprehensive content strategy.

  • Learn how to use the key differences between web and print writing to your advantage.

My name is Marsha Stopa and I’d like to be your secret ninja business writer, copywriter, editor or coach.

I understand business

I know how to present your content in the way your audience needs to hear it.

My specialties are breaking down complex concepts into clear and understandable prose and crafting a content strategy that seamlessly weaves your message across your print, web and social media communications.

I can use my years of experience in journalism, business writing and editing to turn your web content, marketing collateral and public relations communications into powerful tools that work for you.

I understand the digital landscape

I am the assistant instructor at the GuestBlogging Apprenticeship Program with Jon Morrow, blogger extraordinaire. Everyday I help students understand how to write successful guest posts that get published and drive traffic on influential, high-traffic blogs.

I can coach you in writing more powerful blog posts, effective email newsletter articles and memorable content for your website, e-book or online course.

I understand how people think

I can help you get out of your own head — filled with everything you know about your topic, product or service — to see what you offer from your potential reader’s or client’s point of view.

I can help you see how empathy for your customer’s fears and concerns will keep them coming back, and compel them to tell their friends about you.

I will help you reframe your message so you are always their first and only choice.

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